Contest Winner!! - Island County, Washington Photographer

This year, for the first time, I ran a contest through my business Facebook page! The prize was a FREE Full Session, and the winner was Lauren Perry! It was so fun, and I was so touched by all the participation and love I received from everyone. It went so well, that I'll probably make it an annual thing! 

When Lauren found out she won, she was absolutely shocked. First of all, because she hadn't realized that she'd actually entered the contest! Secondly, because she said she was not very comfortable in front of the camera. But when I found out she was expecting her first child, and finding out the gender soon, I assured her that a gender reveal photoshoot was exactly what she needed. And she agreed :) 

The photoshoot, unfortunately, didn't go exactly as expected. The idea was that we would get some shots of them holding both blue and pink balloons, and then they would release the pink balloons to reveal that(YAY) they are having a boy! Well, there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line because when I said "Okay lets release the balloons in this next shot" her fiancĂ© said "Release the balloons? Okay!" And off they flew, into the sky... I didn't have them posed, or my camera ready so I completely missed it. 

They were good sports though, and were able to laugh about it for the rest of the session. And if you ask me, I think thats a fantastic sign that they will be great parents together :) After all, what else can you do but laugh at life sometimes?