Welcome Earth side, Brielle- Oak Harbor Newborn Photographer

This little beauty gave me a run for my money trying to wrap her, but in the end we learned some things about each other...she learned that I will snuggle her as long as it takes for her to fall asleep, and I learned that she doesn't like to be unwrapped, and when she is wrapped, she likes her arms out. It's always so fascinating to me how different each baby is, but yet they are all so similar too. 

In most newborn sessions I like to include the adorable naked baby shots, but sometimes the baby is having none of it. In those cases I like to take the lead from the baby and go with the flow. I am not going to try and force a baby into a pose that she is clearly not liking. The baby's comfort and happiness is my number one concern during the session. That means taking lots of breaks, and adapting poses and props for babys comfort.